Kishorn Port and Dry Dock is the former construction site of the Ninian Central Platform, the site has 45 Hectares of land available (including the dry dock) for immediate construction and development with a further 19 Hectares available.

Kishorn Come Hollywood

There was recently a lot of added buzz in and around Kishorn, when film producers and crew arrived in Wester Ross to film the new movie ‘Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur’. The flurry of people on site was quite reminiscent of the old days at Kishorn, when in the 1970s there were over 3,000 people living and working at Kishorn Port & Dry Dock for the construction of the famous Ninian Central Platform and other great projects.

Due to the vast numbers of people on site, the Port in the 1970s was considered as its own village known as ‘The Howard Doris workers’ village, which was set on the man-made plateau above the shores of Loch Kishorn. The communal blocks in the village included a: restaurant, bar & TV room, post office and a bank – all in a bid to make it as homely as possible for its hard workers. Former cruise liners, the Rangatira and Odysseus, were also moored in Loch Kishorn to provide further accommodation as the Howard Doris workforce grew.

More recently in July 2015, Film Director, Guy Ritchie, and around 150 of his crew were accommodated at Kishorn Port, where they even had a helicopter pad on site for ease of access. This provided a different mode of transport to the usual trucks and marine vessels that we normally have on site, although back in the 1970s transport via helicopter was common for workers and materials at Kishorn Port.  Guy Ritchie and his crew used a Snoozebox Hotel as temporary accommodation for their three week filming period at Kishorn; the hotel was kitted out with a reception and had its own staff.

Temporary hotel accommodation at Kishorn Port

Kishorn Port has 45 hectares of laydown land available adjacent to the 160m Dry Dock, which provides ample capacity for large projects such as this.

Kishorn Port & Dry Dock are continually working towards unlocking the full potential of the Port and its facilities. It is our key objective to bring the Port back to its full working capacity, to regenerate former prosperity within the area, creating long term sustainable jobs and supporting significantly the economic growth of the area.

Kishorn Port & Dry Dock welcome all types of enquiries and discussion for facilitating requests from various industries, including: Oil & Gas, Drilling Rig Life Extension & Upgrades, Decommissioning and Renewables.

If you would like any further information about Kishorn Port & Dry Dock and its facilities, please get in touch to arrange a meeting or a site visit: or call us on: 01397 773 840