Kishorn Port and Dry Dock is the former construction site of the Ninian Central Platform, the site has 45 Hectares of land available (including the dry dock) for immediate construction and development with a further 19 Hectares available.

AlbaTERN Confirm Device Testing at Kishorn Port

AlbaternAlbaTERN Ltd have confirmed their intentions to use Kishorn Port for the hydrostatic test operation of their SQUID device.

The SQUID is the modular building block used to construct WaveNET arrays. The device can also function as a standalone wave energy converter suitable for low power requirements and aquaculture installations. SQUID devices are currently being developed at 7.5kW nameplate capacities. The SQUID device is road transportable and can be launched from a wide variety of locations.

The testing is scheduled to begin at Kishorn at the end of October 2013.

For further information on AlbaTERN and the SQUID, please visit the AlbaTERN website.

More information follows…