Dry Dock Facilities

In 2017, Kishorn Port Ltd awarded a contract to Harris Pye Ltd. to ultimately pump out the dry dock, test and ascertain if the dock was operational and adequate for the purpose it was built for. Some of the works undertaken were as follows:

  • Strengthening the sheet pile abutments by installing new tie rods
  • De-ballasting the gates, testing the buoyancy and inspecting the sill and horizontal seal
  • Fabricate and Install new galvanized flood tunnel covers
  • Fabricate and install new galvanized vertical seals

Following approximately a week of pumping water out of the dock, the concrete capped dry dock floor emerged. Further improvements consisted of patching leaks on the sheet pile abutments and a clean up of the dock floor. We decided that a rampway access to the dry dock floor was a necessity. Through the management and guidance of one of our parent companies Leiths Scotland Ltd, a rampway access was formed through a small existing quarry on the West end of the dock giving essential access to the dock floor.

After successful completion of a multitude of improvements and repairs to upgrade the infrastructure, including new vertical seals, Bureau Veritas inspected the dock gates and certified them as fit for purpose. The decision was made late 2017 to let the dock flood naturally, with no immediate further works planned.

Spring 2018 consisted of further scheduled upgrade works. The dock was pumped out dry for the second time… With the improvements made in 2017, the dry dock only took 2.5-3 days to empty. Quite impressive due to the fact of the additional volume from the formation of the access ramp.

2018 Upgrades 

  • The access ramp was concreted to a high specification to cope with 50 tonne axle loading with 300 mm of fibre concrete
  • Cathodic protection was installed to all steel retaining structures
  • Superficial repairs on the dock gates
  • Patched a small spoiled area on the dry dock floor
  • Installed an automated pumping system in the dock sump, float switches engage the maintenance pumps when required

2019 Upgrades  

  • Installed 2 large interceptors as per the dry dock drainage plan. These works enabled us to gain our Waste Management Licence (WML) allowing us to tender for the decommissioning of any future Oil and Gas structures.

The dry dock is ideal for the construction of concrete caissons for the offshore renewable sector. It can also be used for the decommissioning of floating structures with ample set down space immediately adjacent to the dock.

With a working area of 160 m diameter, the dry dock is one of the largest in Europe. Previous uses of the dry dock can be viewed in History.