Ocean GreatWhite at Kishorn Port & Dry Dock

Kishorn Port Ltd (KPL) commenced 2019 by welcoming its first major contract the Ocean GreatWhite. Owned by Diamond Offshore, a global offshore drilling contractor, the Ocean GreatWhite weighs in at 60,800 tonnes and is a 6th Generation Harsh Environment drilling rig capable of drilling down to 10,000m in 3,000m of water. With a draft of over 23 metres, the rig requires deep water for anchoring and Loch Kishorn provided the ideal sheltered conditions.

At the beginning of January, after a five month journey from Singapore via the Canary Islands, Diamond Offshores Ocean GreatWhite arrived at Kishorn. During its station, preparations were made for her drilling program due to commence in coming weeks of the West of Shetland. Ferguson Transport and Shipping were also assisting with port, marine agency and stevedoring support throughout her stay.

The arrival of the Ocean GreatWhite marks a historic time for KPL with the rig’s arrival heralding a new era at Kishorn Port & Dry Dock. Kishorn Port Ltd (KPL), a joint venture between and Leiths (Scotland) Ltd and Ferguson Transport and Shipping was created in 2008 to promote the regeneration of the Kishorn yard and dry dock as a major facility for the manufacturing of renewable energy components, decommissioning and support to the North Sea oil and gas sector.

Alasdair Ferguson, Group Managing Director of Ferguson Transport & Shipping and Director of KPL commented following the Ocean GreatWhite’s arrival at Kishorn, “This is a landmark day for KPL and we look forward to establishing Kishorn as a port and dry dock of choice for the oil and gas and offshore renewables sectors.”

KPL recently (Saturday 23rd February) held a successful drop-in morning prior to the OGW leaving Kishorn to provide the local community with a chance to receive a presentation and a tour of the site, with over 150 people attending throughout the morning.

Following her departure last week (Monday 4th March) from the Port, all the team at KPL and Ferguson Transport & Shipping would like to wish the OGW, its crew and all the Diamond Offshore Drilling team all the very best for a very successful drilling operation for Siccar Point Energy. Hopefully we will all see the return of the OGW to Kishorn sometime again in the future.

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