Maureen Platform

In 1981, Phillips Petroleum contracted Howard Doris to construct an articulated concrete loading column for the Maureen Platform, 5 concrete sections were cast in Kishorn Dry Dock.

The platform weighing in at 110,000 tonne was the largest steel gravity structure in the North Sea and once complete was floated out in 1983 on a barge to be mated with the jacket structure which was built on the east coast.

The Maureen Platform was was the first steel platform to be designed to be re-floated. The design consisted of four articulated loaded columns (ALC) for the North Sea, at 5000 tonne each for mooring points for tankers of 85000 tonne DWT to take on oil at the Philips Maureen Platform.

These structures were decommissioned in 2001 after producing 200 million barrels of oil.