Raasay Ferry Terminal

Leiths (Scotland) Ltd supplied the concrete to Balfour Beatty for the manufacture of the “lego” building blocks for the new £12m Raasay Ferry Terminal.

Early in 2008, Leith’s (Scotland) Ltd began the quarrying of Torridonian Sandstone at Kishorn in the vicinity of what was known as Area 6. An order was received from Balfour Beatty for the Raasay Ferry Terminal which involved the production of over 50,000 tonnes of various quarry products and the production of 7,000m³ of concrete for the fabrication of precast units which formed the main part of the terminal structure. Ferguson Transport and Shipping provided the logistical support from Kishorn for the construction of the new Ferry Terminal in Churchton Bay, Raasay.

The concrete used in the production of the Balfour precast units was produced using Kishorn 20-5mm Aggregates and also Crushed Rock Fines from the same source thus reducing imports by road. All materials for Raasay have been loaded on site either by Mobile Grab, Ship Loading Conveyor or by the recently created Ro Ro Ramp. The Raasay Project has brought Kishorn to the attention of major civil engineering companies as a top class production, fabrication and load out facility.

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