Kishorn Port Ltd (KPL) has successfully secured a Waste Management Licence (WML) from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) for the decommissioning of off-shore oil & gas assets at Kishorn Port and Dry Dock.

This allows KPL to engage in the growing North Sea decommissioning sector and is one of the first Scottish facilities to secure a Waste Management Licence (WML) for this purpose.

Additionally, Ferguson Transport & Shipping are a registered waste carrier who collect and correctly dispose of various different types of waste including dangerous / hazardous goods. The majority of Ferguson Transports fleet are ADR certified handling waste such as waste oils, BOP fluids, metal, wood, general waste and sludge. For example, the completion of the ‘Ocean Greatwhite’ project, collecting and finding the most cost effective method of disposal, or specialised treatment site.

KPL have completed an onsite investment programme assisted through a grant from the latest round of the Scottish Government’s Decommissioning Challenge Fund (DCF). This included consultancy work for licence applications, additional upgrades and repairs to the dry dock and the provision of a drainage development plan.